Learning Objectives:

• Describe various types of real estate ownership and its implication
• Explain various solutions available to meet the needs of real estate owners
• Design total solutions for their clients with regards to financial planning and business insurance

Course Outline:

• Introduction to real estate purchase in Singapore
• The different types of ownership and its implication
• The difference between residence and commercial property
• The advantage of using Company to purchase the property
• GST implication on commercial property
• Design solution using insurance to meet the needs of the owner/s
• Cost involves in real estate purchase and sale
• Steps of real estate purchase and sale
• Financing of real estate purchase
• Investment of the proceeds from real estate sale
• Law relevant to real estate
• Real Estate Fact Finder
• Presentation to individual on Real Estate
• Pratical case study on purchase of commercial property by 2 business partners
• Identifying potential prospects
• Prospecting tracks
• Handling objection
• Compliance and administration requirement

LIA CPD Hour: 6 hours (50% Knowledge, 50% Skills)