Learning Objectives:
  • Explain how a financial statement is prepared
  • Know how to read a financial statement
  • Use financial statement as a sales idea/ tool to sell Corporate Insurance
  • Identify the types of corporate risk that can be extracted from a financial statement
  • Design and develop total solutions for their clients with regards to financial planning and business insurance
Course Outline:
  • Introduction to Financial Statement
  • The different segments in a Financial Statement
  • The purpose of each segment
  • Reading and understanding the Financial Statement
  • Interpretation of the Financial Statement
  • Memorandum and articles of Association
  • Types of corporate risks
  • Corporate insurance opportunities from Financial Statement
  • Identifying potential prospects
  • Prospecting track
  • Practical case study on how to sell insurance through Financial Statement
  • Compliance and administration requirement

LIA CPD Hour: 12 hours (50% Knowledge, 50% Skills)