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  1. You stated that a well-prepared estate plan will enable you to pass on the fruits of your labor to your loved ones, and allow it to prosper into the next generation. My best friend’s father was recently diagnosed with a terminal disease and they are trying to get everything ready for when he passes away. Do most estate planning attorneys have different options that are available? Hiring an estate planning attorney could be very valuable.

  2. Stephen says:

    Through estate planning, your best friend’s father can have the following options:
    1. Decide on the type of assets to be given to a particular beneficiary or group of beneficiaries;
    2. Put certain estate into a Trust and arrange for the beneficiaries to receive a regular income;
    3. Decide on the timing for the distribution of the estate.
    Most importantly, estate planning ensures that the loved ones does not fight over the estate. The distribution shall be made in accordance to the wishes of the deceased.

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