Learning Objectives:
  • State the benefits of estate planning
  • Conduct a fact find interview for estate planning purpose
  • Analyse the estate of a prospect
  • Make recommendations to meet the obejctives of their clients
  • Describe the law relating to estate planning
  • Compute estate duties payable
  • Use life insurance as a solution for estate planning
Course Outline:
  • Introduction to Estate Planning and the various objectives of the client
  • Legislations governing Estates
  • Tools of Estate Planning
  • Wills and Trust considerations and planning
  • Succession Laws and Rules/ Regulations
  • Detailed Estate Duties computations
  • Case Studies on Estate Duties Computation
  • Case Studies on Estate Duties Calculation – S73
  • Computation of ideal Sum Assured to preserve value of estate
  • Process of Estate Planning
  • Estate Planner Fact Finder
  • Case Studies and Recommendations
  • Identifying Potential Prospect
  • Prospecting Track
  • Sales Presentation Kit

LIA CPD Hour: 12 hours (50% Knowledge, 50% Skills)