Learning Objectives:
  • To develop a positive attitude towards people and situations for better results
  • To raise current level of service to one that exceeds expectations of customers of today
  • To create a dynamic workplace environment
Course Outline:
  •  Why emphasise customer service?
    Who is on the receiving end of your work?
    Who is your customer?
    Building the business-customer relationship
    Cementing customer loyalty
    Customers’ choices
  • Develop the right attitude for efficiency and effectiveness
    Recognising that everyone is an important of the team
    The power of the mind (conscious and sub-conscious)
    Changing thoughts to change action, and hence results
  • Customer skills you need to have
    Telephone etiquette, effective communication, people skills
  • What do customers want?
    Being treated as number one, prompt delivery on promises and solutions to their problems
  • Seeing complaints from a different perspective
    Turning complaints to opportunities
  • Winning back the dissatisfied customer
    Service recovery is all-important
  • Knowing yourself and others for better performance
    Participants’ understanding of their own personality
  • Setting performance standards

LIA CPD Hour: 12 CPD hours (50% Knowledge, 50% Skills)