Learning Objectives:

• Define corporate retirement planning
• State risks involved pertaining to corporate retirement planning
• Describe insurance solutions available to mitigate these risks
• Generate prospecting ideas through various risks identified in corporate retirement plan arrangements
• Plan a sales strategy to sell insurance to mitigate Retirement Gratuity risks
• Design total solutions for thier clients with regards to financial planning and business insurance

Course Outline:

• Introduction to Corporate Retirement Plan – Purpose and Benefits
• Common arrangements of Corporate Retirement Plan being practiced by businesses and companies in Singapore
• Common risks companies may face in providing retirement gratuity to employees including the impact on profits and cash flow
• Risks which employees may face should their companies not plan in advance for the payment of such Retirement Plan
• Insurance solutions available to help companies with their provision of Retirement Plan
• Income tax impact of providing Corporate Retirement Plan under different scenarios
• Corporate Retirement Plan Fact Finder
• Presentation to business owners on Corporated Retirement Planning
• Identifying potential prospects
• Prospecting track
• Practical case study on a company using insurance as a solution in the provision of Corporate Retirement Plan
• Handling Objections
• Compliance and administration requirement

LIA CPD Hour: 6 hours (50% Knowledge, 50% Skills)