By becoming a relationship manager at Summit Planners, you can help your customers achieve the financial security they need and desire. When you see the difference that you can make, the sense of fulfilment is beyond your imagination.

Unlimited income potential
You can set your own pace and establish your own income objectives. You are the master of your career path.

Comprehensive training programme
At Summit Planners, we take your training seriously. Take the path to success with our multi-dimensional training programme.

Continuous support from a staff of sales experts
Even after you are established in your career, Summit Planners offers ongoing workshops to improve your knowledge of the business. Full-time management personnel and professional trainers are there for your support in each of our local offices.

Products and services
With the variety of financial products offered by Summit Planners and its related companies, you are equipped to help your clients meet any of their financial goals. To give you the competitive edge, we are constantly developing new products to satisfy the changing needs of our clients.

Moving on up
After serving as a relationship manager for at least two years, you may qualify to move to management.

What you will do as a Relationship Manager
When you provide advice on financial services, you are not merely selling products; you are developing relationships. Your relationship with your customers is a critical component to your ultimate success.

A relationship manager provides customised financial services and need to know their clients on a personal level. The responsibilities of a relationship manager include: contacting new people, meeting with them to gather necessary information regarding their present situation, providing analysis of situations and ultimately, presenting viable solutions that meet the customer’s objectives.

Sales training and career development

With Summit Planners, you embark on a lifetime of learning.

The first phase is Career Development, during which you begin the process of getting your insurance licenses. You will receive a full introduction to products and selling skills, including how to develop your client base.

After an initial three months of training, you’ll spend two years in the Associate Programme, an intensive experience focused on business consultation, product and service marketing, product selling and technical knowledge. The next level of training is the Professional Development, which offers specialised courses combining class instruction with self-study. Summit Planners strongly encourages its relationship manager to make a commitment to lifetime learning. For this reason the Company provides tuition reimbursement to relationship manager upon completion of certain industry courses.

As your sales career develops, you may wish to move into management. The Company is structured to support you in reaching this goal.

Become a Relationship Manager – Contact us
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