Life is more than what you learn in school. Get a head start on success – before you even graduate!

What’s in it for me?
Expand your horizons and future with an internship at Summit Planners.

You juggle many responsibilities as a student but fear not, our internship programme can be tailored to meet your needs and accommodate your busy schedules.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll gain from our programme

• Help make a difference in the lives of others
• Essential experience in time management, marketing and business planning
• Transferable business experience and skills that you can apply in any business setting
• Potential for unlimited income – earn what you’re worth
• Be an entrepreneur and run your own business

Am I qualified?
We seek individuals who are

• Polytechnics, College, University and Graduate Students
• GPA of 2.0 of higher
• Interested in entrepreneurship
• Involved on campus in student organisations, athletics or involved in their communities

What you need to commit

• Time: 10 to 20 hours per week, schedule permitting
• Positivity: A willingness to learn and a desire to excel
• Integrity: A tradition that is key to our corporate culture
• Reliability: Attend all scheduled meeting and training sessions

What will I be doing?
The rewards are more than just monetary – as an intern, you may help

• Young parents provide financial security for their children, should the unexpected happen
• Business owners save for retirement and protect their life-long business
• People like your parents plan for their retirement, without having to use all of their hard-earned assets

You can make this impact by

• Scheduling appointments and meeting with potential clients
• Analysing the information you gather
• Making product recommendations/sales to help them meet their financial goals

Most important, you will provide ongoing service and support to these policyholders. As your client’s needs and goals change, you help them meet their needs by adjusting their portfolio.

What will I learn?
Summit Planners advocates an award-winning training programme for all of its new recruits. The first step is to obtain your insurance and financial certification.


• Learn the skills needed to sell our products
• Develop a step-by-step process to determine needs, offer solution, make a sale and provide service and support
• Master goal setting, time management, and the fact-finding process
• Establish work habits and skills vital to your success
Supervision and Guidance

• Receive regular individual reports on your progress and areas in need of improvement
• Participate in a weekly unit meeting with other interns
• Mentorship

Join us as an Intern – Contact us
If you are interested in joining us as an intern, please send your CV to