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Taking root in 1994, Summit Planners is a revolutionary concept hatched by four far-sighted individuals with a shared vision.
Our services span a wide range and diverse fields, with offices in gateway cities.
Plan now and makes sure your loved ones are provided for in event of your demise.

Our Events

Will Planning For Business Owners: The Time Is Now

Will Planning is a detailed process with many questions to answer, different scenarios to consider and hypothetical “problems” to address. For these reasons,

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Create More Happiness Through Will Planning

Ready to pounce into new adventures and all set to bring more joy into your life? Will Planning essentially helps to consolidate your

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Will Planning: Will You, Or Will You Not?

Why wait for the next best moment, when the most opportune time to plan is right NOW! Many people are not clear about

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Latest News

The Toughest Financial Lessons My Dad Taught Me

Dad has shown us how crucial it is to manage finances well – and the best way to honour his wisdom is to pass it down to our own children!

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Impress Mum With A Gift That Truly Lasts

We rack our brains to think of the most perfect gift that will convey our love and care for our mum. Here’s one gift that you can give to your beloved mum.

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Deferred Compensation – How Does It Work?

Find out how we can help you to design a Deferred Compensation Plan to retain your employees and reward yourself with a well-deserved retirement gratuity.

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Conversations With Stephen Chew

Manage & Mitigate Your Business Risks

It is essential for business owners to regularly review their business risks. Sufficient coverage is key as the risk is insured & transferred to the insurance company.

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Create Your Life Plan: Protection Planning – Accident

Learn how you can deflect the devastating repercussions of an unforeseen accident in the 33rd episode of #StephenShares Vlog!

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Create Your Life Plan: Protection Planning – Illnesses

Certain illnesses cannot be predicted or prevented, so find out how you can be financially prepared in the 32nd episode of #StephenShares Vlog!

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