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Identify your needs

Summit Planners offers a whole range of comprehensive and value-added financial services for your needs. 

Grow Your Business

Our customisable services and warm approach allows our client to enjoy a multitude of financial solutions without the hassle and trouble.

Plan And Assist

We identify your needs and assist in the best way possible to grow your unique business model. 


Taking root in 1994, Summit Planners is a revolutionary concept hatched by four far-sighted individuals with a shared vision.
Our services span a wide range and diverse fields, with offices in gateway cities.
Expect to find unique benefits in our products for little inconveniences that could upset your day and to cope with life’s misfortunes, because we believe that life should be full of pleasant surprises too.



Our Events

Mondays with Stephen – The Go-to Consultant for Consultants!

As a trusted consultant, you must be able to understand your clients’ unique needs at each stage of their lives. Equipping yourself with

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2018 Tax: The Must-Know for Financial Practitioners

The year is soon drawing to a close and we are almost ready to welcome 2018. Now’s an opportune time to prepare and

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Create Your Retirement Identity and Plan

The most important thing you need to retire is a plan! Yet to make one, or don’t know where or how to begin?

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Latest News


Financial Wellness Tips for Women

A good life plan will require a suite of financial and insurance solutions tailored to each woman’s unique situation. Here are some tips for women.

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How To Make Your Bonus Work Hard For You

Heartiest congratulations if you have wrapped up or started the year with an annual bonus! Before you get carried away and start spending this extra source of income on all you ‘wants’, how about ensuring that all your ‘needs’ have already been taken care of?

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How to not go broke this holiday season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and for many, it might well be the most expensive! ? Here’s some tips to create a holiday budget.

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Conversations With Stephen Chew

30 Aspects of Financial Success: Plan Your Estate

I’m Stephen, Your Go-To Consultant for financial success! By planning your estate now, you can ensure your money and assets are properly passed down to the people you care about.

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Real Estate – Ongoing Taxes on Property

When the owner is holding on to the property, there are two additional taxes that the owner needs to pay; namely the property tax and income tax on the rental.

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The 9 W’s of Wealth

I’m Stephen, in this latest edition, learn what the 9 W’s of wealth are and how you should utilise these factors to facilitate your Life Plan.

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